From drowning pools of sentient ink in caves beyond the observable universe to a sorcerous gargoyle king leering upon his carrion throne in the Old West to tales of doom and stories of hope … many places things are possible within the pages of our short story anthologies.

The Lost Librarian’s Grave edits completed as of July 26, 2021: 19%

Coming October 1st

The Lost Librarian’s Grave horror and weird fiction anthology will feature tales of doom, magic, revenge, premature burial, madness, betrayal, ghosts, gargoyles and more, set in vistas ranging from today in the house next door to forgotten cities drowned in time past or burning in spaces between future ages.

Our Upcoming Lineup of 33 Stories and 4 Poems

  • Ocular by Nidheesh Samant
  • Legion by Tom Leveen
  • Mother Winter by Matthew Chabin
  • A Bed Both Long and Narrow by Sipora Coffetl
  • Butterflies of the Longest Night by Russell Hemmell
  • Inside a Refrigerator by Adrian Ludens
  • Penance by J.V. Gachs
  • Blooms of Darkness by Melissa Miles
  • Cold Storage by Jude Reid
  • Snake and Sinew, Flame and Bone by Amanda Cecelia Lang
  • The Day in Gold by Adele Gardner
  • Bottled Rage by Owen Auch
  • Rathbone by Zach Ellenberger
  • They Never Left by Matthew McKiernan
  • Death and the Scent of Tea by Cheryl Zaidan
  • Nature Versus Nurture and The Maze of Moonlight and Mirrors by Gerri Leen (two poems)
  • Good Boy Anyway by Briana Una McGuckin
  • The Woman in the Wallpaper by Gregory L. Norris
  • The Clearing by Helen Power
  • Gargoyles of the World, Unite! by Mary Jo Rabe
  • The Jump by Pauline Yates
  • The Binding of Chrysanthoula by Angeliki Radou
  • The Little People by Kurt Newton
  • The Glorious Protection of Angels by Michelle Ann King
  • Devil’s Oak by Mary Leoson
  • Three Bad Things by Kathy Kingston
  • The Ocean’s Misfortune by Alison McBain
  • Among Stars and Stones by Brandon Barrows
  • The Artist by Mike Murphy
  • Aegir’s Son by Edward Ahern
  • The Savage Night by Pedro Iniguez
  • Infinity of Worse by Ken Hueler
  • Medusa’s Mirror by Paul L. Bates
  • Valhalla is a Lie by Benjamin Thomas
  • The Grotesque by Rhonda Parrish (poem)
  • The Problem with Bottling Troublesome Spirits by Juleigh Howard-Hobson (poem)