Ken Hueler unearths his short story, “Infinity of Worse” for The Lost Librarian’s Grave horror anthology

The Lost Librarian’s Grave—coming October 1, 2021.

Today brings us Ken Hueler’s “Infinity of Worse,” the story of a late Victorian era odd couple, the brutish Lowell and smooth-talking Paul, who ply their charming trade of digging up the dead for the local medical and dissection trade. Seems a particularly apt tale for The Lost Librarian’s Grave, wouldn’t you say?

We think Ken really brought the late 19th Century alive in his chronicle of Lowell’s and Paul’s adventure where things go from bad to worse to very strange indeed! As the title suggests, I wouldn’t bet good brass on a happy ending this time.

Ken writes in a number of genres, choosing what works best for his current project or whatever interests him at the time. Fortunately for us, Ken’s tastes often run to horror and dark fantasy.

Ken teaches kung fu in the San Francisco Bay Area, where with fellow members of the Horror Writers Association’s local chapter he gets up to all sorts of adventures. His work has appeared in Weirdbook, The Sirens Call, Space & Time, Weekly Mystery Magazine, and the charity anthology Tales for the Camp Fire.

Visit Ken’s website at


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