Writing Prompt #2: Arrows and Forest Squash

Use this prompt as a jumping off point for your own short story, poem, narrative, fragment, etc. and see where you goperhaps the picture or the text taken separately or mashed together somehow will lead you somewhere useful or fun…

Suggestion: Create something new that somehow brings both pictures into your work.

Bonus points if you can work in the picture from prompt #1

If nothing gels using both pictures, try using just one. As usual, bring other elements such as music, visual art, and so on into your brainstorming session. Use whatever techniques serve your end goal to create something new!

If this prompt leads someplace interesting, leave a link leading toward your new creation wherever that may be. Of course you can also post your masterpiece, if it is short, directly in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #2: Arrows and Forest Squash

  1. Ricky fancied himself both Iroquois and farmer.

    Sheriff Gladstone, however, had seen Ricky’s discharge papers from the Hagstrom Hill Medical Detention facility. With a history as gruesome as Ricky’s, it was only a matter of time before disappearances resumed–and leaking, rolled up shower curtains appeared in alleyways.

    If the nightmare was set to worm across his county with same fervor it had in 2002, Gladstone, this time, would be ready. He would not hesitate. He would face Ricky Dean predator to predator.

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  2. My timed three minutes of writing based on the prompt:

    I started practicing with my bow after they started stealing from our garden. They are taking food out of the mouths of my babies! I winged one of them a couple of weeks ago, during the last full moon, but since then they’ve grown cautious. They see better in the dark than we do too. The ring of torches around the garden helps with that a little.

    I know they are getting hungrier because I hear their chittering in the darkness, when they think I’m asleep. We haven’t been able to catch them again, but Sally, my youngest, gave me an idea. She cried and I asked her what was wrong. Sally said that she was sad because the Sneakers must be really hungry and she wants to leave food out for them but she thinks I’ll be mad. I told her that I wouldn’t and dried her tears. Together we put out a nice pile of squash out in the forest, well away from the garden where they’ll feel safe.

    What they don’t know is I’ll be waiting for them up in my camouflaged tree stand with my handiest recurve bow. If the gods are with me we’ll have meat to go with our vegetables soon….

    Would love to see what you come up with. 🙂


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