Writing Prompt #3: Doggo

Today’s prompt comes courtesy of Storybot on Twitter, where I follow them. Their app is also available in the Google Play store.

“Write the first line that’s inspired by this photo.”

When this prompt come up in my Twitter feed, I wrote, “The first thing I noticed after the wizard turned me into a dog was that he smelled like food,” for my first line.

What is the first line that comes to mind when you see this image of a piebald doggo? Write it below in the comments. (I’m particularly burning to know what John of Varnish comes up with!)

8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #3: Doggo

  1. My first thought seeing this was a memory of Dianna Wynne Jones’s book “Dogstar,” which was both tragic and beautiful at the same time. So my first line is “He smelled of change.”

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    • I’ve never read “Dogstar,” though it certainly sounds like a good book. “Tragic and beautiful” immediately brought “Charlotte’s Web” to mind. I read the book back in the 70s and it was one of those book that stuck with me through the years. I went back and read it again a couple of years ago and saw why through adult eyes.


    • Nice. I can see that, now that you’ve written it, from the dog’s expression. Sounds like the master, if they are still in the picture, might be in trouble!

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