Writing Prompt #6: Book in a Tree

Today’s writing prompt comes from a hike we recently did where I found a book stuck up in a tree, which I thought was a little unusual—especially since it sat there for three weeks. The talented painter, Dave Stone, gave me the idea for this writing prompt with a comment he made on my personal blog about the Book in a Tree. Thanks, Dave!

Produce a piece of writing or art that is inspired by this picture of a book in a tree.

For bonus points, choose any book, place it in a tree and mediate for a minute or two, clearing your mind. Then randomly pick 2D6 different words from the text and work those words into your story.*

If you come up with a piece of writing using this prompt, let me know about it in the comments: I’d like to read it. You can also use this prompt for visual arts, music, pretty much anything creative that you’d like.

* You don’t have to put the book on a tree. You can put it under a potted plant instead or if you aren’t a plant person then build a little stonehenge thingie out of spice bottles and place the book inside the spice circle!

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #6: Book in a Tree

  1. Not the way you planned this one, but the first thought that came into my head was “Ah! That’s the book that grandma was reading when the gas stove exploded!” but then maybe thought I should add “Considering how far that tree is from the house, she had a lucky escape”! 🙂

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    • Heh, thanks John. I didn’t really have any plan other than hoping to read your idea. 🙂 It is certainly one that I probably wouldn’t have come up with, that’s for sure! Glad grandma has a lucky escape!

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  2. Reblogged this on Ann's Immaterium and commented:

    This writing prompt is from a recent hike that I wrote about in a recent work out post. Work continues on The Lost Librarian’s Grave horror and weird fiction anthology. We’re hammer and tongs with editing, wrangling comma splices and irregular verbs with wild abandon.


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