The idea behind Redwood Press is a simple, straightforward one: two people who want to publish the sort of short, speculative fiction they enjoy reading. We both like reading speculative fiction of all types, though I gravitate toward Horror and Fantasy while my husband, Don, reads and writes Science Fiction.

We put together a long list of possible names for our small press and talked about it off and on quite a lot until one day we both had the idea of calling our new venture Redwood Press. The fact that we were walking around in the redwood forest near where we live in coastal California might have had something to do with it.

We are reading stories for our first anthology, The Lost Librarian’s Grave. Stories of dark sorceries, being buried alive, and those finer feelings such as revenge, hate and greed augur the book being firmly in the Horror camp. But we both like a little science fiction and other genres to leaven our horror, so we are hoping for a diverse group of stories to unleash upon the reading public on October 1st.

Besides the website, we also are starting a Redwood Press Facebook Group and we are active on Twitter.

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— Ann Wycoff

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