Writing Prompt #6: Book in a Tree

Today’s writing prompt comes from a hike we recently did where I found a book stuck up in a tree, which I thought was a little unusual—especially since it sat there for three weeks. The talented painter, Dave Stone, gave me the idea for this writing prompt with a comment he made on my personal blog about the Book in a Tree. Thanks, Dave!

Produce a piece of writing or art that is inspired by this picture of a book in a tree.

For bonus points, choose any book, place it in a tree and mediate for a minute or two, clearing your mind. Then randomly pick 2D6 different words from the text and work those words into your story.*

If you come up with a piece of writing using this prompt, let me know about it in the comments: I’d like to read it. You can also use this prompt for visual arts, music, pretty much anything creative that you’d like.

* You don’t have to put the book on a tree. You can put it under a potted plant instead or if you aren’t a plant person then build a little stonehenge thingie out of spice bottles and place the book inside the spice circle!