Rhonda Parrish publishes urban fantasy novel, “One in the Hand.”

Many congratulations to Rhonda Parrish, whose urban fantasy novel, One in the Hand, is now available on Amazon, courtesy of Poise and Pen Publishing.

When a sword manifests in an old folk’s home it opens Autumn’s eyes to a whole world of magic, gods and giants. But before she has a chance to come to grips with her new reality, Autumn’s grandmother is attacked and put in the hospital. Autumn needs to discover what the deal is with the sword and how to protect herself and the people she loves.

And, of course, there’s also the matter of the wings that have sprouted from her back.

Can she learn about this new reality and the shadowy forces working within it in time to diffuse the situation before someone gets killed?

Rhonda is a prolific authorher Amazon Author page boasts many of her other works as an author and editor. She also holds an honored position at Redwood Press in that her poem, “The Grotesque,” is the first piece of writing Don and I accepted for our first anthology, The Lost Librarian’s Grave.

Congratulations again, Rhonda!

— Ann Wycoff

Rhonda Parrish’s poem, “The Grotesque” chosen for The Lost Librarian’s Grave horror anthology

The Lost Librarian’s Grave—coming October 1, 2021.

I am very happy to start the week by announcing that Don and I have chosen Rhonda Parrish’s poem, “The Grotesque,” for The Lost Librarian’s Grave anthology.

Rhonda is a prolific Canadian author and poet. So far, for 2021, she has received several Aurora Award nominations, including for her novel, Hollow, and a Rhysling Award nomination for her poem, “The Luck Eaters.”

Rhonda’s poem reminds me a little bit of Howard Lovecraft’s take on houses in several of his stories. Not exactly but enough that the remembrance made me smile. Probably because I’ve often had strange thoughts myself when I walk by or go into a very old domicile, especially if it appears abandoned.

Things are moving quickly now and we’ll have more announcements over the next few days.