“The Ocean’s Misfortune,” a short story by Alison McBain, rolls like an unclean tide into The Lost Librarian’s Grave horror anthology

The Lost Librarian’s Grave—coming October 1, 2021.

Wednesday brings more good news from The Lost Librarian’s Grave: Alison McBain’s short story, “The Ocean’s Misfortune,” rolls into the anthology like an unclean tide, redolent with dead eels and even deader eyes. The oceans bring lifethe oceans are lifebut sometimes what a fisherman brings back is something not exactly Life, nor is it Death, but a fate worse than either.

Alison has nearly a hundred short publication credits over a wide range of genres including literary, romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, historical, and adventure.

Her debut novel, The Rose Queen, received the Gold Award in the Young Adult Fantasy category of the 2019 Literary Classics International Book Awards. During the same year, she released Enchantress of Books, a collection of her short, fantasy stories.

Alison was born in Canada, raised in California, and currently resides in the beautiful state of Connecticut, where she chose to raise her family. Her personal mantra is, “Do something creative every day,” so between her writing and drawing she always has irons in the creative fire.

You can learn more about Alison on her blog, www.alisonmcbain.com.

“The Savage Night,” a short story by Pedro Iniguez, unearthed for The Lost Librarian’s Grave anthology!

The Lost Librarian’s Grave—coming October 1, 2021.

We continue to brave ancient curses and wards of blood and bone in our ongoing quest to scratch up another nugget of literary gold from The Lost Librarian’s Grave. Much hidden treasure remains: the latest being the imaginative Pedro Iniguez’s short story, “The Savage Night”a tale of hot blood, gnashing teeth, loyalty, and a craving for death beyond Death itself!

Pedro is a speculative fiction writer, who also enjoys painting. He has built up quite a nice bibliography of short fiction since 2013 and is on quite a creative roll so far for 2021.

His cyberpunk novel, Control Theory, and his collected stories, Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks, are both available on Amazon.

Pedro is originally from Los Angeles, California and now resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he is currently working on his second novel. He can be found online at Pedroiniguezauthor.com and in October 2021—The Lost Librarian’s Grave!

Mike Murphy’s short story, “The Artist” will appear in The Lost Librarian’s Grave horror anthology

The Lost Librarian’s Grave—coming October 1, 2021.

Today starts on a fun note with another signing: Mike Murphy’s short story, “The Artist,” has found a home in The Lost Librarian’s Grave. Mike paints the story of Digby, a troubled soul who paints caricatures for tourists. As you might expect our artist is quite a bit more than one might suspect at first glance….

Mike is quite a versatile talent who has had over 150 audio plays produced in the U.S. and around the world. He has won many accolades, including the Columbine Award and a dozen Moondance International Film Festival awards in their television pilot, audio play, short screenplay, and short story categories.

Don and I are pleased to feature Mike’s work in our upcoming horror anthology. We will have another author signing announcement coming on Friday.

“Valhalla is a Lie” by Benjamin Thomas chosen for The Lost Librarian’s Grave horror anthology

Don and I are pleased to announce that Benjamin Thomas’ excellent short story, “Valhalla is a Lie,” will appear in The Lost Librarian’s Grave anthology.

As Benjamin says himself, nothing like a “little valkyrie-inspired wasteland horror due out right before Halloween!” We agree, nothing says Halloween quite like murderous valkyries.

 Benjamin is a fellow New Englander and his short fiction has appeared in a variety of publications. His medical thriller and crime novel, Jack Be Quick, is available from Owl Hollow Press.

We will be announcing some more signings next week, including some poetry and possibly a couple more stories.

The Lost Librarian’s Grave Short Story Horror Anthology Cover


I’ve been working on the cover for the October anthology for a couple of days now and this is the current version. Today’s big innovation is I added some bats. I’m also considering putting four or five author names in the middle, left part of the cover.

I originally did three covers. Personally, I liked the angel the best but the general consensus from the people I asked was for the gargoyle one. I do have to say that the gargoyle has sort of grown on me and I do like what the filters and such did with the rusty reptiles.

Be Well!

— Ann